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Nature Cure vs Modern System

AYURVEDIC LIFE STYLE - Sattvic Living for peace

Sattvic Living
    All human beings should follow a sattvic or pure life-style that gives peace and clarity of mind. Physical purity includes pure diet, with raw or freshly cooked vegetarian food, pure air and water, proper exercise of a calming nature, as well as physical cleanliness.
    Purity of mind includes truthfulness, honesty, humility, equanimity, non-violence, friendliness and compassion to all beings. Emotional impurities like anger, hatred, pride, lust and fear are given up; gossip and worry are to be set aside. Sattvic life-style includes devotion to the Divine or to truth, compassion, and service to humanity, study of spiritual teachings, reverence for spiritual teachers, and the practice of yoga and meditation.

Diet and Herbs
Diet is the most important long-term physical remedial measure. Its effects take time to manifest, often one six months, but are enduring. Our physical body is composed of food; we cannot expect its condition to change without changing our diet. Herbs are like subtle foods. They can be taken in small or large doses. Large doses (more than one ounce of herbs per day) should usually not be taken without special study or professional guidance. Right nutrition is not only taking our daily bread but also taking our daily herbs.
Oils and Massage 
Massage and external application of oils are necessary for most of us on a regular basis. This may be no more than applying common oil, such as sesame, to the feet or head twice a week. Oil massage nourishes the heart and calms the mind. It gives elasticity to the muscles and ligaments and strengthens the bones. Essential oils and fragrances are also an important part of life. They open the mind and heart and purify the air and aura.
Colours and Gems 
The right use of colours has a harmonizing effect on the mind and emotions through the senses. Our impressions feed the mind and affect the doshas. Gems help balance the aura and harmonize the cosmic influences projected upon us through the stars. They are not merely for ornamentation but offer an additional method of atonement with the subtle energies of life.
Life Style
Life-style is probably the most important factor in physical and mental health. Right life-style does not mean suppressing our nature, but bringing out its deeper powers. In Ayurveda, this includes not suppressing our natural urges like eating, sleeping, sex, elimination, urination, sneezing, weeping, coughing, or yawning. Such factors as right relationship and right attitudes are included here, as well as right livelihood.
 Yoga and Meditation
Yoga and meditation relate to the spiritual aspect of life. According to Ayurveda the soul is the source of life and health. Disease generally indicates that we have lost contact with our soul and its creative force.

Each of us should perform some daily yoga and meditation. This may include yoga postures, breathing exercises, mantras and visualisation, as well as meditation practices aimed at silencing the mind. It should be noted that although Ayurveda includes different remedial measures as part of the system of Vedic science, all are not specific to it. Visit at